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Submit Some Music


It’s easy, but I’d appreciate it if you adhere to the following steps:

1. Please be for sale on CD ( is ok).
2. It’s ideal to also have your material on iTunes (easy to do with CD Baby).
2a. It’s also ideal to be on Amazon digital.
3. Send me a link to your CD Baby page.
4. If you’re not on CD Baby, send me a link to your Myspace or music page.
5. Email me that information at

** I do listen to everything submitted. Sometimes it takes a while to get to (I’m busy, just like you). DO NOT contact me asking if I’ve had a chance to listen (if you do, I will remove you from my listening list). I will contact you if I like your music and I feel like it will work for the blog. At that point I’ll tell ya what I need.

If you’re a fan of a band that you think I should showcase here on Single of the Day, by all means, e-mail me and let me know who they are and where I can easily hear the music (hint, hint, CD Baby provides a nice way – as does myspace when it’s working). Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite.

Thanks for wanting to submit music for Single of the Day and thanks for stopping in to explore it as well.


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