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About The Ears


I’m a musician at heart. I’ve been playing guitar and writing music for a few years now. I’ve accomplished some cool things and now I’m into sharing my thoughts on music. Essentially this is a daily blog that will be a song that fits the mood I’m in for the day or what’s currently happening in my world. It will always be a band or artist I think you should know about, and support by purchasing the music or seeing them play live. Who knows, you might dig my taste in others enough to even support me in my creative endeavors as well.

Read, listen and enjoy my picks for Single of the Day. Then by all means, share your thoughts on my pick. Let me and the world know whether you think I made a great choice, a shitty choice or if you think my thoughts on the music are way off base.

I do request that any song you hear and enjoy/like/love should be purchased. It’s why I provide a direct link to the song in iTunes Music Store, and the artist’s website or CD sales page. The mp3 links I post are tagged with an ad for the blog as well as a request for you to purchase the music. Musicians such as myself don’t make much money like you believe we do. We don’t ask you to do your job for free. Please don’t treat ours like it should be as well.

Now go ahead and explore the past posts, I’m betting you’ll find some real gems. Even better would be for you to bookmark the site and keep coming back every day. And best yet, I’d hope you’d tell at least two friends to check it out too. Then they could tell two friends, and so on, and so on… Until you’re part of a huge music community that is hearing about a new artist everyday! Just think you could possibly find 365 new bands that you could fall in love with every year. It’s mind boggling…

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p.s. – don’t be alarmed if on occasion I post a video instead. It’s been known to happen, and it’s bound to happen again.

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