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Getting Whatever You Want

Published on May 3, 2012 by in Brit Pop
Air Bag One - Website
Whatever You Want - on Amazon
Summer Killed Us - CD Title

Coming from across the pond is an air of sports. In a short time from the date of this post, London or rather England will be hosting the world for the Olympic games. That’s a pretty wild thing. In catching up on the news of it, I caught some interviews about the last minute prep and security measures. Apparently one apartment building near the festivities will have missiles on their roof for the duration of the games. Some tenants are not overly joyed. Understandable. Unfortunately getting whatever you want isn’t always going to be reality.

What I was impressed with was the pre prep of the sports. BMX in particular. BMX is now an Olympic sport. The course for the women had a particular jump that if the wind was blowing a certain way, resulted in too many crashes. Thus they modified it to reduce the crash rate. That’s awesome.

Enough about the Olympics. The real gist of this post is for the video you see above. The band Air Bag One comes from across the pond. While they might not agree, I’d liken the immediate look to that of a British version of the Jonas Brothers. Musically I’m hearing a bit more stylized sound from Air Bag One. There’s a harkening homage to the falsetto of the Bee Gees going on here.

Snappy is the first word that comes to mind in describing the tune. Personally I like the way they’re using the falsetto of their voices. Lots of layers going on sound wise with nice stops and starts throughout the song via the more prominent instruments. There’s some serious production going on in there. Ear candy galore.

Video wise this song had some creative input that also pays homage to an era when music videos collided with avant garde film making. I hate to write it, but some of the visuals and their metaphorical meanings complete escape me. Doesn’t mean they’re not cool to look at as it’s extremely well shot and edited.

Expand the horizon with some tunes from across the pond. Add some Air Bag One to your library and hopefully you’ll be getting whatever you want.

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