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Christmas Causing Jordans Shoes Frenzy

Published on December 23, 2011 by in Arena Rock
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In a surprise uprising from the past… It appears that the hot Christmas gift this year isn’t likely to be pajamas after all. This morning I’m hearing that there’s a frenzy of people snapping up Jordans Shoes. You remember the old Nike Air Jordans? That’s right. They’re back. I recall them being popular before. But wow, a resurgence?

This is the kind of thing big companies dream about, a re-popularization of one of their flagship products. I’m sure Michael J. is pretty happy about it as well. He’s likely still seeing a cut of all those sales. Can’t help but think how much that man changed the face of basketball and endorsements in his career.

What is it about Christmas that brings out the commercialization of it? Buy, buy, buy. I’m curious about that. I know that I get asked what I’d like for Christmas. I need to start answering, time with people I want to be around. Though I haven’t said that this year, I haven’t given anyone any real concrete items I desire. That’s because I’m not about the idea of getting. I prefer being.

Last night was my extended family’s Christmas party. It’s a good time to see those of us that are scattered about the area and the country. Not many of them have left the state of Utah. So for those of us that have left and don’t get to see the rest of them much, it’s a mini reunion. That’s a lovely thing.

Anyway, in the spirit of Christmas, Nike and the news that there will be an NBA season after all, I’m passing along one of my non-Christmas songs. This is called Do You Want To Play – NBA mix. Here’s the deal… The song you’re hearing right now can be gotten for FREE for a limited time. That’s right, I said FREE. Get yourself over to and you can obtain this track for your very own. Merry Christmas!

It sure beats fighting crowds all to get a gift right? I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking a free download would help brighten your day. Especially if you decide to run out to your local dealer to pick up new Jordans shoes. Have a great day!

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