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The Surge of iOS 5

Published on October 12, 2011 by in Eclectic
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It’s all happening…

Apple has unleashed a barrage of updates today. The big one being iOS 5. Included in that are updates to iTunes, and iPhoto, and if you’re running Lion, that too. Additionally they’ve rolled out iCloud. Currently I’m in the midst of a long ass download for iOS 5. It’s more than half downloaded however it’s saying that it’s still at the same amount of time as it started, 40 minutes. Weird. Must be all the Apple fans that are downloading all the software at once.

Unfortunately it appears I won’t be getting iCloud functionality to my lappy or tower for the time being, that’s a real drag. I’m waiting to update both machines until the productivity and career software I run is Lion compatible. Until then, I must wait. C’mon Apple, roll out an update to Snow Leopard to bring iCloud to those of us not willing to beta test Lion.

Last night also marked a surprise update to some recording software that I use. An Amp modeler plug in by Studio Devil. They’ve finally updated their plugin to run in native 64bit mode. That’s great. Three more pieces to the audio recording software puzzle and I’m pretty much ready to march over to Lion. I’m still waiting on Waves and Universal Audio to get their plugin act together and move to 64bit compatibility. Then there’s the mover and shaker du jour of Logic. While I’ve heard reports that Logic’s current version can run in Lion, there are strange things that can happen. It’s those strange things that have kept me from jumping in. That and Adobe’s software. I don’t use Adobe enough to justify their upgrade cost. I may have to keep a Snow Leopard Partition around just to run that for the occasional use that I have.

Enough about updates, lets get to music…

I’m rolling with an artist called The Esoteric Gender. They hail from Iceland. Thus they draw a bit on Bjork. There are hints of elements from Evanescence – however that is only slight. What’s grabbing me is the space and the flow in the track. It’s got a slow flow that feels like I’m really moving somewhere, especially with all the airy layers of reverb and delays. There’s something very cinematic about it. That’s a cool thing.

It’s also got a bit of a haunting vibe about it.

With the rush of the mobile era coming in, we’re all going to be the Authors of ourselves. Get the soundtrack for it today!

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  1. Thank you so much for selecting our song! :)

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