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Good life

Published on May 4, 2011 by in Brit Pop
OneRepublic - Website
Good Life - on Amazon

Once in a while a unique video for a song will come along. I ought to know, I won an award for a video of one of my songs. Based on a crazy idea I had it turned out to work extremely well and a whole lot of other people thought it did too. Last night I ended up seeing a video for a band I’ve heard of before. The video took a moment to sink into my brain. It’s not a complicated video, but it’s the delivery of the content of images that is extraordinary. So much so that I had to present it here on Single of the Day.

The song is called Good Life by OneRepublic. If you’re here on Single of the Day and watching the video, notice the cool effect of the images the band is being portrayed on – it’s like it’s a canvas board. The intercut images of people holding the board and having their hands move around in jump cuts based on the rhythm of the song is also very cool. This is the kind of video that would win awards. Of course it helps that the song is really damn good too.

I know that my creative juices for creating another video was stoked by this video. Hot damn, that’s inspiring. Way to go OneRepublic.

Now go out and make this day a good one in your life.

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