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Over Before The End

Published on May 15, 2010 by in Groove Rock
the script
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With the advent of instant gratification in America it’s no wonder that we’re beginning to see the death of something good or even something great before it’s even begun to decline. One of the things that makes me weird to people is that I don’t own a TV. I haven’t owned a TV ever since I left home under the parental units. I haven’t really missed it. Doesn’t mean I don’t watch TV – that would be damn near impossible in a major city. TVs are everywhere.

As a musician who is now represented for composing to things like TV is rather odd to not own one. Alas, I stand steadfast at this point. With the backlash of things like privacy on Facebook, I may start pulling the plug on that too. I digress. This morning it was announced that one of the few shows I watch (via the Internet), Heroes, has been yanked. It’s not like the intelligent public couldn’t see that coming. It took me more than a year after the airdate to get hounded into watching it. Then I got hooked. But by midseason 2 the show had already lost it’s way. The idea was there, but the writers didn’t have vision to see it thru. Unfortunate.

The same happened with LOST. It got LOST and it’s still LOST. However, their demise didn’t come with the writers – not initially. No, their demise came from the network asking for more shows than the intended story line required. Then when you think they can pull the story back together from the added bullshit, you realize, it’s still LOST.

I recently delved into the world of Weeds. One bonus of watching a show several years into it’s run is that you can watch it like a series of movies and take it all in in one fell swoop. Weeds is easily one of the best non-animated shows in terms of clever writing, but that didn’t stop it from having moments of being lost. Fortunately their writers have really got a knack for bringing things back into focus and tying story lines together in such a way that is on par with things like Family Guy (even if it’s outwardly wacky).

Which brings me to the song for today. It has absolutely nothing to do with TV. It has absolutely nothing to do with being over before the end. What it does have is an interesting sound. What it has is a set of lyrics that make you wonder if they’re singing about something else.

The Script was brought to my attention last night and bingo I needed to post it today before I run into the studio to continue with producing a CD for a friend. I bring you If You See Kay. Think about that title for a moment. Then as you’re listening to the singer, what are you really hearing. What word is getting spelled out? Is it a clever twist on sound? Was it done on purpose? Do you really care?

I know I didn’t immediately care about them a couple of months back when I read about them. I didn’t think the story was all that compelling so I didn’t bother to look up the music. Then my friend Erin played the music for me last night and I said to myself: self, this is pretty darn good – you should put it on the blog. And here you have it for your ears.

They have a unique sound that combines the vibe of say Maroon 5 and Jamiroquai along with something original. They’re listenable and slightly different without being difficult. It’s niche but it’s groovy and melodic. Two winning items in my book. Go listen to a bunch more of their music, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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