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Mirror Mirror on the wall

Published on February 5, 2008 by in Urban
Jerome Lee - Website

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Oh the infamous Disney phrase. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? Oh the vanity. Oh the humanity. There isn’t a soul on the planet who doesn’t wish to be desired in some way shape or form. At least I can’t imagine one that doesn’t want to be desired. What begs to be asked is why is it when a soul gets desired why it may still reject being desired. Humans are funny creatures aren’t they?

Media spends a great deal of time exploring what we find to be attractive. Visit a supermarket and you’re likely to be bombarded at the checkout stand with tabloid covers doused in images of people who are considered to be attractive, rich or powerful. The three elements that make one human desirable to others. For the fortunate few they can combine all three and it’s as if they could become a deity.

Everyone has different things they find attractive but on the whole for guys I’m thinking there’s some women like Keira Knightley, Beyonce Knowles, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry, Natalie Portman, Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, and so on, and so on. For women there’s some guys like Tom Cruise, Denzel Washington, Zack Braff, ok I give up. I’m not up on my hot hunks. Notice I’ve pretty much mentioned movie stars. Some how we really get taken a flutter by seeing someone up on the big screen.

That’s the concept behind today’s song, Prettiest Girl. The title says it all. From a guys perspective, unless of course you’re a lesbian and then it would apply there too. Actually while hanging out for the Super Bowl in Hermosa, I did see a female member of our group. I had met her before. The kind of attractive that makes even women turn a head and say “damn, she is fine.” She is lesbian and her partner was there too. Also attractive. So yes, it does apply.

Kick out the groove, pop in some soul and splash a little funk in there. That’s the breath behind the music. There’s an interesting mix of retro vibe combined with some modern synth elements. Along with a lot of live organic instruments groovin and funkin. I can appreciate it. It’s a fun kind of music to play. Though not a current “in sound”, that can’t stop the fact that it’s a song with some life. There’s hidden gems everywhere and even I can’t get to all of them. I’ll do my best.

Who’s your prettiest girl?

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