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Standing 8

Published on July 29, 2007 by in Hard Rock
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Choking Ghost
Standing 8 - CD Title

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Today is: Sunday's Child

The standing 8 count. It’s the count that is given to a boxer in the ring while still standing. If you get a standing 8 count you’re out and have lost the fight. I believe I have have given my recent illness the standing 8 count. It appears to be gone. Goodbye, good riddance, and don’t come back!

What did I do on my first day back? I had a kick ass breakfast. Then I proceeded to take care of some stuff around my house. Clean up and mow the lawn. I feel much better. I’m going to spend my afternoon taking in a movie called Stranger Than Fiction and another called Shooter. Later I’m sure I’ll end up working on some music. That is what I do. Music, music, music.

So in an effort to get there on my day, I’m going to keep this short…

I featured a band a while back called Numira. The precursor to that band is today’s band, Choking Ghost. I got to know John Stack because of this band. We were heading in a similar direction. He was heavier and more grunge, I was more rock and progressive, but both bands were power trios. His band had been around longer, had more experience so I was in awe of the things they had achieved. Here’s a link to the previous post to find more of my thoughts about John and his musical abilities.

Unfortunately I don’t think you’ll ever find this CD. I know I’ve talked to John about getting it up onto CD Baby and onto iTunes yet it hasn’t happened. If you know John, bug him. Tell him you want the music. In addition leave a comment here expressing that wish too.

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  1. Ghost of A Chane

    Standing 8 is now available on iTunes as of last month (July 2013)

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